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Knife crime

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Stop Knife Crime

Carrying knives is an increasing problem in society, with young people feeling the need to have to be armed with a knife. The biggest concern and risk is that if a young person carries a knife they will almost definitely use it in situations where they feel the need to protect themselves, commit a crime, cause fear or reinforce their status/reputation.

The law takes a robust approach to dealing with knife crime. A young person aged 10-17 years old will automatically be referred to the Youth Offending Team.

Early intervention to tackle young people carrying weapons is important with schools  and parents playing a key role in educating young people about the dangers of carrying knives. If you have information about knife crime in your area and you're nervous about going to the police, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They will never ask for your name or try to trace the number that you're calling from.

Always dial 999 if you are worried someone is at risk.

The police are there to help and keep you safe. If you are worried about knife crime, or are involved with it already, it is not too late to get help. Talk to your teacher or another grown up you trust or contact one of these organisations 

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toolkit aims to support and assist education staff, partner agencies and CYP practitioners in their work with children, young people and families by providing information, advice and links to resources specific to knife crime, including lesson plans for KS2

The Ben Kinsella Trust

leading anti-knife crime charity

No knives better lives

free resources for practitioners and parents


Fearless is ‘Crimestoppers’ for young people age 11 -16yrs; providing a service to encourage young people to anonymously report crime, Fearless also provides resources, presentations and workshops to educate young people about crime that affects them

The Prince's Trust

helping young people move away from gangs and crime. 

Carrying weapons and criminal exploitation

NSPCC advice on preventing child exploitation, gangs and carrying weapons

Knife gun and gang crime

GOV.UK advice and guidance 

YEF Toolkit 

The Youth Endowment Fund has created a free-to-access Toolkit, which summarises the best available evidence from around the world about what works to prevent serious youth violence.