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Birth - Sandwell Keeps Talking

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Sandwell Keeps Talking - Birth

The first few years of a child's life are key to the development of speech, language and communication skills.

Your baby will enjoy interacting with you from the moment they are born.

You can help their development by facing your baby when you speak to them, taking turns to make sounds with them, singing rhymes and lullabys, reading simple books and chatting about what you are doing when you bathe or feed them.

Start early to help your baby learn to talk.

New Baby Advice and information

Sandwell Health Visitor Service    0121 612 5021 

Health Visitor New Birth Visit  Day 10-14

Health Visitor 6-8 weeks Maternal Wellbeing Visit

Children's Centre Family Offer

Children's Centres provide support to families with children and young adults 0-19 years (up to 25 years if they have special education needs or disabilities).

They offer family support, early learning , information and advice on health, parenting, money and benefits, education and school readiness. 

There are lots of free services and activities at your local children's centre

ICAN 0-6 months

This is a guide to how children develop speech and language between 0-6 months. Children develop language at different rates. However, understanding what is typical can help you identify speech and language problems early.  You can also find out how to help your child learn to talk and develop their communication skill. There are lots of things you can do to encourage your child to talk and develop language skills.


Every child in England is entitled to a free Bookstart pack before they are 12 months old and again aged 3-4 years. Bookstart also gifts additional needs packs for babies and toddlers, as well as black-and-white booklets for newborns and dual language books.

Contact your Health Visitor to find out more about your free Bookstart pack

New Baby Courses

Changes - the early years

free online and face to face courses in Sandwell for parents of children aged 0-4 years

Parenting classes in Sandwell

free classes at your local Children's Centre

Help and Support

Help and advice

Your health visitor will be able to offer advice and support about your child's development. Always contact your health visitor about any worries or concerns you have about your child's health and development.

Sandwell Health Visitor Service    0121 612 5021 


Sandwell Family Information Service

Sandwell Family Information Service can help you with free, impartial information, advice and guidance on family support and childcare.

Why not book on to a Childcare Support session  and chat to the team


Check out these websites for more tips and information on talking to your baby

Hungry Little Minds

Tiny Happy People