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Children's Centres

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children's centre activities

Children's Centres provide support to families with children and young adults 0-19 years (up to 25 years if they have special education needs or disabilities).

The aims of the service are:

  • The early identification and support of children with additional needs
  • To provide information and advice for families about services in their respective town and across the borough as a whole.
  • To offer a programme of antenatal education courses across the borough
  • To proactively support families in engaging with their children’s early language development
  • To encourage families to maximise the available early years opportunities through Nursery Education Funding (NEF) and Early Learning for Twos Funding (ELT).
  • To provide a range of support services for families to address their individual needs
  • In all aspects of delivery to work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary sector agencies
  • To establish a comprehensive volunteering programme to support the work of the service and to provide parents with invaluable training and experience in their route towards further education and employment as necessary
  • To ensure the evaluation of all aspects of the service and capturing the impact evidence of the work

Contact the Children's Centre for more information and to find out when sessions and courses run.

Where is my Local Children's Centre

Find out here where your local children's centre is and what facilities and activities are available.






 West Bromwich

Smethwick and Oldbury Children's Centres

Play Talk Read in Smethwick and Oldbury

These sessions are for families who have not accessed a PTR session in the last 12 months.

To book or get more information call:

Cape Hill Children's Centre 0121 555 6756


Cape Hill Children's Centre timetable

Burnt Tree Children's Centre

Burnt Tree Children's Centre 0121 557 0740

Burnt Tree Children's Centre Timetable

Wednesbury and West Bromwich Children's Centres

Play Talk Read  in West Bromwich and Wednesbury

These sessions are for families who have not accessed a PTR session in the last 12 months.

To book or get more information call:

Hillside Children's Centre 0121 588 5431

Greets Green Children's Centre 0121 500 4011

Greets Green Children's Centre timetable

Friar Park Children's Centre

Friar Park Children's Centre 0121 556 5405

Friar Park Children's Centre timetable

Tipton and Great Bridge Children's Centres

Activities, events and sessions run by Tipton and Rowley Children's Centre.

Tipton and Rowley Children's Centre

Tipton and Rowley Children's Centre 0121 559 9916

Tipton and Great Bridge Children's Centre

Rowley Timetable

Rowley Children's Centre 0121 559 9916

Rowley Children's Centre

What does the Children's Centre offer?

Children's centres are the delivery mechanism for the Family Offer in Sandwell.  Their aim is to deliver better outcomes for children and families. 

They also provide co-ordinated support to children, young people and families with additional needs to prevent their problems from escalating.

The Family Offer

  • An information point for local parents about services in the area and in the borough as a whole
  • A support service for children and young people diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families (and support prior to confirmed diagnosis)
  • Early Years services working with parents to develop their understanding of how young children learn and develop so that their children are ready for school.
  • A family support service for children, young people and their families.
  • An antenatal education programme
  • A health promotion role linking with all other elements of the Offer e.g. breastfeeding, healthy eating, smoking cessation, immunisations, oral health, etc
  • Support to parents to access education and training as steps towards employment
  • In addition childcare services offering early learning for twos and nursery education fund are available in the majority of children’s centres across the borough

Children’s Centres are based in each of the six towns in Sandwell (with two core children’s centres in West Bromwich).