Supporting Communication and Language in Sandwell (Professionals)

Sandwell Keeps Talking

Sandwell Keeps Talking is Sandwell’s initiative to promote Early Language and Communication Skills. There is lots you can do to help support the children you work with to develop their language and communication skills.

Direct your parents to the Sandwell Keeps Talking Families page for advice and support.

Sandwell Keeps Talking is a multi-professional approach.

Use this professional page for advice, useful information and to further enhance your practice. 

A Good Practice Guide for Early Years Practitioners
Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) Pathway

Sandwell's Talking Tips

Sandwell’s Talking Tips

10 tips to help support your child's language development.

Get to know these tips and use them as part of what you do every day with your child.

Early Years Practitioners should also familiarise themselves with Sandwell Talking Tips and embed these tips in to their Early Years development planning


Wellcomm Guidelines

Wellcomm Guidelines WellComm Screening Guidelines January 2024


The primary aim of WellComm is to identify children with areas of concern in Speech,
Language, Communication and Interaction development

Wellcomm Screen Assessment Sheets
Wellcomm Language Targets

Download Tool  Wellcomm Language Targets

A supplementary tool created to help support you to carry out WellComm interventions in your setting. This will help you to understand the concept you are supporting the child to achieve.


WellComm Medium term Planning
WellComm Links
Big Book of Ideas
Observe, Wait, Listen, Scaffold (OWLS)

Download Tool  Observe, Wait, Listen, Scaffold

Use this tool to support your interactions by thinking about how you come an active partner in their learning. This will help you think about the level of support you are going to give the child.


Adult Child Interaction Checklist

A checklist to support your interactions with children. Use this to support peer-on-peer reviews and facilitate discussion

Sandwell Talking Tips Behaviour Change Model


English as an Additional Language Development EAL

Download Tool

Dudley’s Early Years ‘My Language Journey’ is a framework to support your understanding of what an EAL child’s journeys look like.

Download Tool 

Use this checklist if you are unsure whether a child is presenting with a pure EAL profile or has difficulties with their language development.

Download Tool 

Guidance Pathway for concerns about Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) development of children learning English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Communication Friendly Environment

Download Tool

Use this RAG rating tool to develop a communication friendly environment that supports children to become confident and skilled communicators.

SLCN Pathway Review Checklist

Download Tool

Use this RAG rating checklist to review your practice in Speech, Language and Communication across your whole setting.


Child Development Birth-48 months

Download Child Development Booklet Birth-48 Months


Child Development Booklet

Useful Resources

Libraries from home  online rhyme time and story time from libraries across the Country.

Words for Life  National Literacy resources and activities

Bilingual Quick Tips  quick tips, in 19 different languages, for parents and early years practitioners to help children develop good talking and listening skills.

Bookstart Bookstart gives free books to every child in England and Wales at two key stages before school, as well as free packs for children with additional needs, tips and guidance on reading together, resources and activities, and much more.

Tiny Happy People  Activities for babies and toddlers to develop communication skills

I CAN  information and resources for parents and practitioners including Talking Point

Training and Courses

Book on to Early Years training courses for practitioners and professionals

Training Courses

Leuven Scales
Watchful Eye Record