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Once the LA has received a report from the Community Assessment Meeting (CAM) that a statutory assessment may be needed it will take that report to the next Assessment and Moderation Panel (AMP). At the AMP a decison will be made as to whether to accept the recommendation of the CAM to proceed with a statutory assessment. The process is the same if the LA has received a request directly from a parent or young person.

In any event parents will be informed of the LA's decision within 6 weeks of receipt of the CAM report or the parent/young person request.

If the decision at AMP is to proceed with a statutory assessment then the LA will begin the process of gathering information and advice which will inform its decision as to whether to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan. The assessment process will take about 10 weeks.

What is an EHCP Needs Assessment?

As part of a statutory needs assessment the LA will request reports and advice from agencies and professionals working with your child. It can also request advice from anyone who it considers can make a contribution to the assessment. Additionally and crucially it must ask for the views of parents and the young person. If you have difficulties submitting your views you can ask for support from Sandwell SENDIASS. Once requested, all advice must be submitted within 6 weeks.

The advice subitted should allow the LA to clearly identify your child's needs (i.e. what is causing his/her learning difficulties, the expected outcomes by important milestones (e.g. secondary transfer, leaving school) and the provision needed to achieve those outcomes.

You can find more information about statutory assessments in section 9 of the SEND Code of Practice.

Once all the advice has been received the LA will use it to decide whether or not to issue an EHCP.