Childcare Sufficiency Report

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Local authorities are required by legislation to secure sufficient childcare, so far as is reasonably practicable, for working parents, or for training for employment, for children aged 0-14 (or up to 18 for disabled children).

The local authority must report annually to elected council members on how they are meeting their duty to secure sufficient childcare and make this report available and accessible to parents.

The Childcare Act 2006 gives local authorities a key role in shaping the childcare market in their area. Working with providers from the private, voluntary, independent and maintained sectors, the local authority aims to create a strong, sustainable and diverse childcare market ensuring there are sufficient places to meet the needs of parents.

This is Sandwell's most recent Childcare Sufficiency Report. (CSR)

A Childcare Strategic Action Plan (CSAP) is developed based on the recommendations of the CSR. The plan is monitored by the Director of Children and Education and Sandwell Early Years.

Page last reviewed: 15/09/2023


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