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Congratulations on your pregnancy. It is a very exciting time for you and your family. 

Did you know that babies start to recognise their mother’s voice during pregnancy?

Help your baby to communicate before they are born. There's lot's you can do.

Below are some useful guides and courses you can attend for tips on helping your baby learn to communicate. 

Don't forget to ask your midwife for advice on talking to your baby.


Pregnancy Advice and information

Is it weird that I'm talking to my baby bump?

Talking to your bump is a really great way to start bonding with your baby before they're born. And if you feel comfortable, encourage friends and family members to chat to your baby too.


Let's talk: Before I'm Born 

An easy to read guide to support communicating with your child during pregnancy. 

The first 1001 days of your baby’s life is a crucial time for your little one’s brain development. This starts from the moment they are conceived.  A baby's brain grows 17 fold during the last 20 weeks of pregnancy. Babies become sensitive to the sound of their surroundings so it's a great time to start introducing sounds and speech to your child.


Your baby's social and emotional development

An easy to read overview on children's social and emotional development.

Your baby's social and emotional development plays an important part in their overall development and mental wellbeing. Supporting this during the first 1001 days of a baby’s life is a crucial time for their brain development, they will then build on this throughout childhood. 

Children's development varies and milestones will be achieved when your child is ready.

These guides give you a quick overview of what your child can do at different ages and how you can help them to achieve this.

If you are worried about your baby's development, seek advice from your health visitor or GP.


Changes the Early Years

Sandwell Changes top tips for creating a warm, loving, safe environment for your little ones to talk, grow, learn, play and develop. 

Sandwell's Talking Tips

Sandwell’s Talking Tips

10 tips to help support your child's language development.

Get to know these tips and use them as part of what you do every day with your child.

Early Years Practitioners should also familiarise themselves with Sandwell Talking Tips and embed these tips in to their Early Years development planning.


Pregnancy Courses

Bump to Baby    The first 1001 days online course

An informal online course that explores brain development and the importance of talking to your baby from bump onwards. An opportunity to talk to Early Years specialists and get lots of ideas of how to support your baby's language development at home with everyday interactions.

Grandparents to be  Antenatal sessions for family members

An informal online session for grandparents and other family members to find out all the latest advice and guidance for pregnancy and newborn baby care. Tips and advice to help support new parents-to-be as much as possible.

Bump to Baby

Help and Support

Help and advice

Sandwell Health Visitor Service    0121 612 5021 

Your health visitor will be able to offer advice and support about your child's development. Always contact your health visitor about any worries or concerns you have about your child's health and development.


What can I expect from my health visitor

Sandwell Family Information Service

Sandwell Family Information Service can help you with free, impartial information, advice and guidance on family support and childcare.

Why not book on to a Family Information chat session  and talk to the team

Check out these websites for more tips and information on talking to your baby

Hungry Little Minds

Tiny Happy People


Join your local library

Libraries are welcoming places for children and families to start exploring books and reading. There are lots of activities and events at your local library and helpful, friendly staff to advise you on what to read to your child. Libraries are free to join and have books in different languages and formats. Your child is never too young to visit the library.