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We all want good health for ourselves and our families. Eating well, getting enough exercise and sleep, having a good work-life balance are important to us all.

Finding the right services when we need them is important.

There is lots of advice available on how to stay healthy including healthy eating, exercise, childhood illnesses, accessing NHS services and who to talk to when you need support.

Healthy Child


NHS Advice and guidance on childhood illnesses

NHS vaccinations and when to have them

NHS schedule for childhood vaccinations and how to book them.

Don't let Measles, Mumps and Rubella into your child's life

Health chiefs at Sandwell Council are raising the importance of the vaccination programme and encouraging parents and guardians to get their children vaccinated.

Infectious Illnesses

NHS advice on common infectious illnesses in children


NHS advice on allergies

Food allergies in babies and children

NHS advice on food allergies and introducing foods to babies diets

Common Questions

NHS Common questions on Children's Health

Kid's Health

Information on Children's health

Teenage Health

Health advice for teenagers

Health for Kids

Health and wellbeing resources for kids and parents

Sleep tips for children

NHS tips for bedtime routine

Children’s Community Therapies & Nurse Services

If you are worried about your child's development either physically or speech and language, you can make an appointment to see a Physiotherapist or Speech and Language Therapist.

First appointments can be booked by calling 0121 612 2010

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

A mental health resource for parents/carers, young people, and professionals.

Family Health
Healthy Adult

Healthy Sandwell

Healthy living information, advice and guidance for families in Sandwell 

Healthwatch Sandwell

supporting health services in Sandwell


Health A-Z

Health Advice

BBC Health advice, what's in the news

Office for Health Improvements and Disparities

Government body that oversees health in England.

UK Health Security Agency

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is responsible for protecting every member of every community from the impact of infectious diseases, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents and other health threats.

Health and Social Care

Latest Government advice


Health and Safety legal guidance

Family Health
Health and Wellbeing

Sandwell Healthy Minds

Mental health support for Sandwell residents

Stress and Anxiety

NHS advice and support for anyone suffering from stress and anxiety

Health and Wellbeing

UK Health Security Agency advice on health and wellbeing

Live Well

NHS advice on healthy living

Mental Health and Wellbeing

MIND Mental Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Apps

Access free NHS support and advice with these Apps

25 Essential Wellbeing Apps

Nuffield Health essential Apps for a healthy mind and body

5 ways to wellbeing

Healthy Sandwell 5 ways to wellbeing

Feel better and happier

6 tips to manage stress

Getting enough sleep

NHS advice on sleeping well

BBC Headroom

Mental health toolkit with tips on mindfulness and stress management

Money and Mental Health

Practical tips on managing your money and improving your mental health

Family Health

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