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Information, resources and regular news updates for childcare providers in Sandwell. This section is for providers and practitioners to use to keep up to date with developments in the childcare sector, access Sandwell Early Years training and support and follow best practice in the profession.

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Hello Childcare Providers! We need your help!

Sandwell Early Years is seeking all childcare providers views on childcare in Sandwell. Tell  us what is currently in place, any planned changes you are completing in order to deliver Government proposals and any barriers you are facing in extending your provision. 


Your views are important and will support Sandwell MBC in identifying sufficiency of childcare provision and obtaining any future funding to support services across Sandwell.


Please click on the following highlighted link and complete the Provider Survey on or before Monday 11 September 2023. It should take you 5 – 7 mins to complete dependent upon the number of services you provide.


Provider Survey 2023

New version of 'Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage'  applies from 4 September 2023


The following 3 amendments have been made:

Current statutory minimum staff:child ratios in England for 2-year-olds changes from 1:4 to 1:5

Childminders can care for more than the specified maximum of three young children if they are caring for siblings of children they already care for, or if the childminder is caring for their own child

Clarifying that 'adequate supervision' while children are eating means that children must be within sight and hearing of an adult.

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Childcare Provider Survey 2023
Funded Childcare



Codes are only issued with ELT and 30 hours applications. Providers should not advise parents taking up 15 hours NEF that they need a code.

30 Hours funding renewal reminder

Please remind  families to renew their code to ensure that they can continue to access funding for their 3 and 4 year olds. Renewal must take place every three months and can be done via the HMRC website

Funding will not be able to continue without the relevant code, cut off dates for the funding are always as follows:

  • 31 March

  • 31 August

  • 31 December

All codes must be given to providers before the cut-off date to ensure continuation of funding.

ELT 2 Year Old Funding 

Families that qualify for a 2 year old free childcare place should be encouraged to apply.

Parents may need more information or assistance with the application process. Direct families to the Family Information Service for one to one support with the online application form. 

Apply for a 2 year old free childcare place

“Golden tickets” are sent out to all eligible parents who qualify for a two year old place, this is based on the data we receive from the DWP.

Parents do not need to apply online if they have received a "Golden Ticket"

Families with No Recourse to Public Funds can apply for free childcare for 2 year olds.

DfE Guidance

DfE Guidance on assessing 2,3 and 4 year old funding for Afghan families under Government resettlement programmes.

Assessing eligibility and funding for afghan families

ARAP and ACRS families will have recourse to public funds and could be eligible for the free early education entitlements where they meet the published eligibility criteria.

Tax Free Childcare

Parents can use Tax Free Childcare to pay for any form of care or supervised activity for a child that is not part of the child’s compulsory education. The childcare must be registered or approved.

Step by Step Tax Free Childcare

Check Eligibility

Childcare Video

Share this video with families.

Sandwell Keeps Talking

Sandwell Keeps Talking is Sandwell’s initiative to promote Early Language and Communication Skills. In Sandwell we are working with our Early Years experts to bring together support and resources in Early Language and Communication. Find the information you need either as a parent or as a professional.

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Sandwell Keeps Talking

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