What is the Local Offer?

Our vision for children and young people in Sandwell with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is that they will be able to achieve their aspiration for a healthy ordinary life through meaningful employment and fulfilling relationships within the community of their choosing.

To help with achieving this vision the Local Authority has produced, as required by law, a 'Local Offer' which sets out the support they expect to be available for children and young people in Sandwell with special educational needs and disabilities.

Watch this video to find out what is contained within the Sandwell SEND local offer:

If you need to view the video with British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation please click on the video below

How can the SEND Local Offer help me?

Whether you're a child, young person, parent/carer or professional, the SEND Local Offer makes it easier for you to find information, support and services for example:

  • Education: e.g. nurseries, playgroups, schools and colleges as well as support services like educational psychologists, early years and early intervention workers.
  • Health:  e.g. GPs, school nurses, therapists and mental health support.
  • Social care: e.g. respite services and children’s disability services.

The Local Offer brings together a wealth of information from social care, health, education and other services.  It sets out the support they are expected to offer to children and young people aged 0-25 years with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), including those who do not have an Education, Health and Care Plan, and how to access those services.

 The Local Offer has two main purposes:

  • To provide clear, comprehensive and accessible information about services available
  • To ensure local services involve and listen to children and young people in Sandwell with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their parents and carers when they develop and review their services.
How do I search for information on the SEND Local Offer?

Search Bar

You can search the site by typing in to the search bar at the top of the page. For example, if you are looking for 'schools' you can type this in to the search bar and also add you place name or postcode then click on the search button and it will bring up a list of schools in Sandwell. You can then click in to the individual records of those schools for further details.



On the main Local Offer page there are 10 are icons that you can click on:

  • Education
  • Money & Benefit
  • Parents, Carers & Siblings
  • Things to to do
  • Social Care & Short Breaks
  • Preparing for Adulthood
  • Sandwell Short Breaks Offer
  • Support Services
  • Sandwell SEND Updates

Click on any of these icons to find more information relating to that category. 


You can narrow down search results by clicking in to the filters. There are a number of different filters, which can be ticked either individually or in combination. These include searching by:

  • age range
  • area/town
  • post code
  • type of need
How can I provide feedback?

Sandwell's Local Offer has been developed with parents, carers, young people and professionals and input from all these people helps us to keep it up to date and relevant.

Please let us have your feedback if you have any issues with a page, would like to inform us of any inaccuracies or would like further information added.


You can change accessibility settings on the SEND Local Offer website by using the link below:


Page last reviewed: 06/09/2023


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