Inclusion Support (Early Years) and Child Development Centre

What can the team offer?

The Inclusion Support - Early Years (ISEY) and Child Development Centre is based at the Coneygre Early Years Centre, Tipton and supports children in their early years who have individual or special educational needs / disabilities (SEND). It is a multiagency service made up of professionals from health and education.

The team will:

  • work together with other agencies to provide appropriate support packages and early intervention.
  • work with children in their own homes, at the Coneygre Early Years Centre and in a range of early years settings.
  • provide packages of support tailored to the individual needs of the child to support transition into school
  • provide advice, guidance and training to early years practitioners in preparation for a child entering nursery or reception class.
  • provide advice and guidance to childcare settings so they can offer quality inclusive provision ensuring the needs of children with SEND are being met.
  • work with agencies and early years professionals to support children with SEND who are accessing early years settings out of borough.
  • provide funding for 1:1 support for those children who may be eligible for the Early Intervention Grant.

Contact details

If you have any queries about appointments at paediatric clinics please call 0121 507 3417  

For general enquiries to Inclusion Support Early Years and Child Development Centre please call 0121 569 2860/2859 

Write or visit: Coneygre Early Years and Child Development Centre, Sedgley Road East, Tipton, DY4 8UH

What we offer at the Coneygre centre
  • Paediatric clinics
  • specialist joint assessment play groups and individual sessions to encourage parent participation,
  • access to advice and guidance from other health and education professionals
  • Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings to discuss the child’s progress and future needs.
  • a sensory room.
Making a referral

The ISEY and Child Development Centre operates an open referral system. This means that parents/carers as well as professionals can make a referral.

A child will be considered for support if he/she

  • lives in Sandwell
  • is accessing an out of borough early years setting and has identified an identified special educational need and/or disability
  • Is not yet attending a Local Authority (LA) nursery or reception class
  • Has difficulties with their: 
    • cognition and learning
    • social, emotional and mental health (SEMH)
    • communication and interaction
    • sensory and physical needs 
How we work with parents
  • Carry out an in-depth, ongoing assessment jointly with other agencies to identify their child's needs. Targets are set jointly to measure the child's progress.
  • Help them understand their child's individual needs by jointly planning and modelling appropriate learning opportunities to promote their child's development.
  • Provide information, advice and guidance on the best approach to support their child.
  • Support their child's transition into an early years setting or school.
Support to early years settings
  • We provide a named Area Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to childcare settings so that Early Years practitioners can access specialist advice, guidance and training to improve their skills knowledge and understanding of SEND and early identification.
  • We support practitioners with meeting the needs of children with SEND. 
  • Delivery of a wide range of formal and informal SEND training including project work.

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