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Moving out

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You may choose to live independently form your parents and carers. You can find help and guidance on lots of different services that can help support you in your own home.

Help from the government

The Government website offers advice on all areas of moving house like benefits advice, mortgage advice, help with renting a private property and more. 

Help and support from the council

Supported Living

Getting the right support to live in your own house

Here are some resources about supported living you might find useful:

Get a council house

Register, search and bid for council properties.

Advice for renting privately

Find useful information and advice for private tenants.

Housing benefit and local council tax reduction scheme

You may be entitled to benefits from the council. We have a benefits calculator can useful advice on how to claim benefits if you are entitled to them.

Shared lives scheme

If you are a disabled person aged 16 and over with care needs the shared lives scheme could be for you.

You will have your own bedroom and share the rest of the house. There will not be more than three people getting support at any one time.

Extra care housing

Extra care housing is for people who need some support or care to live independently. Single people or couples can apply.


Extra care housing schemes have self-contained apartments, each with one or two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and bathroom or shower room.


Adaptations to your home

If you have a disability and are having difficulty managing everyday activities at home, the right equipment, or some adaptations to your home, can help. 

You may be able to get some help from us, or you could contact other organisations yourself. You can buy, borrow or be given equipment depending on your circumstances.

Help and support if you're homeless

Our first priority is to prevent you from losing your home so the earlier you get in touch the more successful we're likely to be.

Our advice and assistance is free and confidential and we aim to make contact with you within 48 hours.