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Childminding and Child Development

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children in a childcare setting

A Childminder is one childcare option for families. Childminders look after children in a home environment. They are Ofsted registered and will look after smaller groups of children than a nursery or pre-school playgroup. They can be flexible and may also offer care evenings and weekends. Using a childminder can benefit your child, they get to know the childminder and the childminder's home over a period of time and many childminders develop strong ties with families. 

Childminders can also offer 2,3 and 4 year old funding.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of using a childminder for your child's development, including school readiness.

Read what Sandwell parents have to say about their experience with local childminders in our parent testimonials. 


Playtime for a child has numerous positive outcomes. Imaginations are grown through play and act as an output for their own creativity. This results in better self-esteem and confidence for the child. Play also strengthens their physical and mental well-being, developing a child's co-ordination, balance, and cognitive abilities. 


Being with a childminder is an ideal chance for your child to learn something new. A child's brain develops quickly pre-school. Childminder's can offer a range of exciting activities which will aid a child's development. Childminders are trained to provide learning-based activities. Childminders can also provide a routine for the child, allowing children to learn and understand what the day's structure will be like, making them feel safe. 


Exploring the outdoors can be super fun for your child and builds their curiosity. Your child will love discovering new places whether it's a local park, library, farm, or garden. Children explore using their senses and being able to take part in activities or outdoor play will stimulate your child's senses. Childminders enjoy creative activities whether it's den building, growing a seed or looking for a mini beast.


The friendships and connections your child makes with other children helps them to be school-ready by developing their social skills. Childminder's can help with socialising, taking children to groups and activities to be with other children. Sharing and building emotional strength helps your child understand what is expected of them in social interactions. Children learn to recognise their own emotions and understand how other children show their emotions too.

Sandwell Parent testimonials for local childminders

[Due to data protection, we cannot identify each individual parent by name]

Parent, Oldbury

''Our children can play in a smaller environment where they have the attention and input from adults who really get to know them.''

Parent, Great Barr

''Children gain; more attention, a wider variety of learning activities (than those in a restricted nursery environment), more outside play and development, and the benefit of building a relationship with one person only, which in turn builds the child’s confidence. All of these things are hugely important to a young child whilst developing their basic skills through their younger years into a junior school.''

Parents, Smethwick 

''The childminder we chose has continuously gone above and beyond to support our child's personal interests. She has treated our daughter as part of her family...''

Parent, Wednesbury 

''...I was encouraged by photos of outings and activities I had seen that my son would be really stimulated and extremely well looked after.''

We'd like to thank the childminders and parents who took the time to get in touch with us to help support the making of the parent testimonials.