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Sandwell Out Of School Club Provision Guidance

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Out of school clubs form part of the Government's extended schools agenda, and include after-school clubs, breakfast clubs and holiday clubs or playschemes.  This is also known as wraparound provision.

All schools are expected to provide access to wraparound childcare if there is sufficient demand, either on their own premises or nearby. Schools can opt to run the out of school clubs themselves or invite individuals, playgroups, or other private childcare providers to meet the requirements on their behalf. 

The opening hours of each club may vary, but you can use the hours given below as a guideline:

Breakfast Club:  7.30am - start of school

Afterschool Club:  End of school to 6pm

Holiday Club: 8am - 6pm

Wrap around:  This is also for part time funded children accessing 15 or 30 hours, parents may choose to pay for extra hours by accessing a morning or afternoon session in a registered childcare setting. 

Extra Curricular Club: Often run for 1 hour after school - will have a specific subject

The average age group of children who attend the Out of School Provision can range from 3-12 years. 

Ofsted Registration

Ofsted Registration

Most out of school clubs that provide wraparound care are registered with and inspected by Ofsted, and have to implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) if caring for children of five years or younger (ie children in the reception year).  

However, if the club is run directly by a school (ie the club's staff are employed by the school governors) and at least one child from the school attends the club, in most cases it will come under the school's own Ofsted registration and does not need to register separately. 

Compulsory registration

Childcare provision is regulated and inspected according to the Childcare Act 2006. 

Early Years Register
If you are caring for children aged from birth to the 31st August following their fifth birthday for more than two hours per day, you are legally obliged to register with Ofsted on the Early Years Register, and you must comply with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, and will be inspected under these criteria. In practice, this means that if your club accepts children who are in their reception year at primary school (or younger) you will need to register on the Early Years Register. 

Compulsory Childcare Register
If you care for children from the 1st September following their fifth birthday (ie in Year 1), up to the age of eight for more than two hours per day, you are also required to register on the Compulsory part of the Childcare Register. 

Ofsted guidance
For comprehensive guidance on who needs to register with Ofsted, download the Ofsted publication: 
Early Years and Childcare Registration Handbook

Exemptions to compulsory registration

There are a few exceptions to compulsory registration, for example if your setting is a holiday club that operates for 14 days or fewer in a calendar year; if children attend your club for less than two hours per day; or if you are running a club for a particular activity such as karate, piano or chess. Ofsted provides a full list of the exemptions to registration in Annex A: Registration not required of the Early Years and Childcare Registration Handbook

Voluntary registration

If you care for children aged eight to 18, you may also opt to register with the Voluntary part of the Childcare Register. The Voluntary part of the Childcare Register is for childcare providers who: 

"care for children for whom compulsory registration is not required, for two or more hours in any one day; or for a period less than two hours where this includes care immediately before or after a school day." Early Years and Childcare Registration Handbook

Registration process

Having decided to open an out of school club you need to submit your registration application fairly rapidly, as the registration process takes around 12 weeks if you are registering on the Childcare Register only, and can take anything up to six months for the Early Years Register. 

Support from the Quality Early Years and Childcare Team

Sandwell Quality Early Years and Childcare Team can support you by:

  • Looking at play environments
  • Advice regarding displays and parent’s information
  • GDPR (Privacy notice)/ registration Information Commission Office (ICO) 
  • Operational policies, procedures and paperwork
  • Child and Family information and records  
  • Child protection contact details
  • Daily routine- structure and management
  • Safeguarding and welfare requirement-e.g. children’s records, child protection allegations against a person in a position of trust
  • Risk assessments, attendance registers, fire safely and evacuation
  • Emergency medical advice and treatment
  • Accident incidents and administering medication
  • Promoting positive behaviour, social and independence skills
  • Safer recruitment including advertising, job descriptions and selection processes
  • Staff induction, supervision and ongoing suitability
  • Disclosure and Barring service checks, updates service and obtaining appropriate references
  • Staff self-declaration processes
  • Staff personal files
  • Staff expectations, designated roles and responsibilities
  • Information about staff structure
  • Mandatory training and training to support teaching practices
  • Staff understanding of EYFS 7 areas of learning, observation, assessments and planning
  • Staff deployment and ratios
  • Partnerships with parents- consultations
  • Information about other providers/schools in the local area
  • Parental information in relation to the child and parental consent
  • Information for parents
  • Information about other providers/schools in the local area
  • Play materials Play types and loose play
  • Key worker/person system
  • Access to drinking water
  • Access to outdoor environments, physical activities
  • Health snack menu including meeting the needs of children’s and staff special dietary and allergies requirements  
  • Complaints procedures

You can also access the following from the Sandwell Early Years and Childcare Team:

  • Advice Support and Guidance
  • SEN Toolkit
  • Strategies for parent partnership working  
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment Guidance
  • Policy guidance 
  • Business Toolkit

For further information please call:

Sandwell Quality Early Years and Childcare Team

0121 569 4975

Important Documents and Useful websites

Important Documents:

  • Early Years and Childcare Registration Handbook January 2016
  • Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation stage March 2017
  • Inspecting safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills settings
  • Keeping children safe in Education
  • Early years inspection handbook April  2018, includes the evaluation schedule and grade descriptors:
    • Leadership and management
    • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
    • Personal development, behaviour and welfare   

Useful websites:


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