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High quality childcare can give your child a better start in life. It can also give you the freedom to return to work or education or simply to take a break from your everyday routine, safe in the knowledge that your child is in good hands and a stimulating environment.

There are many different types of childcare available, each of which offers different advantages and flexibility. You just need to work out what suits you and your family’s needs best, based on the hours you work, your budget and where you live.

NEW Working Families Entitlement 2024

  • From April 2024 eligible working parents who have a 2 year old, are entitled to 15 hours free childcare. Parents must be working the equivalent of 16 hours per week, at minimum living wage, to qualify.
  • From September 2024 this offer is extending for families with a child aged from  9-months-old. They will be able to access 15 hours free childcare, the term after the child has turned 9 months.

To apply for this new childcare funding for working families please apply by 31 March 2024 for your code for Summer 2024 term.

 Applications must be made through the HMRC's Childcare Choices website.

 You can call them on 0300 123 4097 if you need support submitting your application.

Important Information about Childcare in Sandwell

Sandwell Family Information Service (FIS) works closely with local childcare providers to ensure information published on the FIS Hub is accurate and up to date. However, Sandwell FIS accepts no liability for out of date or inaccurate information published on the FIS Hub. Please contact childcare providers directly to receive the most up to date information on opening times, costs and vacancies.


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