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Pregnancy and Babies

Pregnancy and having a baby is a time when you need lots of support and advice. Getting the right information will help you to give your baby the best start in life. Find everything you need to know about pregnancy and caring for a new…

Preparing for adulthood

Preparing for adulthood means moving on from being a child to becoming an adult. The principles and processes of effective preparation for adulthood Early planning at the point which is right for the young person, but as early as possible between the ages 0-25. Holistic…

Provider News

Information, resources and regular news updates for childcare providers in Sandwell.


Radicalisation is when an individual or group adopt extreme political, social, or religious views that can lead to violence. Spotting the signs of radicalisation Radicalisation can be really difficult to spot. Signs that may indicate a child is being radicalised include: isolating themselves from family and…


Everyone has the right to live free from harm, abuse and negelct. Children, young people and vulnerable adults have the legal right to be protected from harm to enable them to grow and develop in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Safeguarding children is everyone's…

Sandwell Keeps Talking

Sandwell Keeps Talking is Sandwell’s initiative to promote Early Language and Communication Skills. In Sandwell we are working with our Early Years experts to bring together support and resources in Early Language and Communication. Find the information you need either as a parent or as…

Sandwell Keeps Talking - Families

Information and tools for parents and carers to use to support early language and communication with babies and young children.  Pregnancy Birth 6-12 months 12-23 months 2-3 years 3-4 years

Sandwell Local Offer

For children, young people and families with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Sandwell SEND Updates

Latest news The information on these pages has been put together to enable parents who have a child with special needs and/or disabilities (SEND) to find the information they are looking for in one place.  Once we are aware of information which is of interest…

Sandwell Talking Tips

Use Sandwell Talking Tips as part of what you do every day with your child. Early Years Practitioners should familiarise themselves with Sandwell Talking Tips and embed these tips in to their Early Years development planning. Face-to-face chat and play is a great way for…