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Rights & Equality Sandwell

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Rights and Equality Sandwell (RES) has a vision for a more cohesive, inclusive and just Sandwell.

As Sandwell's population becomes more diverse and increasingly integrated into a global economy, the nature of the local economy and communities change.

As a result there are new challenges to create an environment where everyone is safe, can be accepted on their own terms, not be exploited and be free to pursue, life, liberty, and happiness for themselves and their communities.

RES is a strategic organisation with partners throughout the borough in order to offer support and guidance for all Sandwell residents. They are also working closely with local strategic partnerships to support their great people, great prospects vision for Sandwell, this involves the current initiatives by the various partnerships to promote rights, equality and community.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Rights & Equality Sandwell
0121 541 1775
Rights and Equality

Where to go

Rights & Equality Sandwell
28 Birmingham Street
B69 4DS
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Last updated: 27/09/2019