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Online Parenting Course - Netmums Parenting Course

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Eight-week course by email. Together with UK charity, Family Links, Netmums bring you the Netmums Parenting Course – an eight-week email course that guides you through different parenting topics and situations, helping you become a more confident parent.

Part one:

Part one covers the following topics:

1. Welcome

2. Praise is magic

3. Pay attention to the right things

4. Behaviour to ignore

5. What's your parenting style?

6. Managing expectations


Part two: 

Part two covers the following topics:

7. Discipline and boundaries

8. Time to calm down

9. Family rules

10. Managing anger and other feelings

11. Choices and consequences

12. Problem-solving and negotiating

13. The end

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Last updated: 16/04/2020