bibic is a national charity and exists to maximise the potential of children and young people with conditions affecting their social, communication, sensory, motor and learning abilities.

What we do

Our team of highly experienced developmental therapists provide assessments and design tailored therapy programmes for every child and family to help:

– Children and young people manage their difficulties, to cope better in the world around them.

– Parents and carers understand their child’s behaviour and needs.

– Teachers support struggling children emotionally and educationally.

Who we see

We see children and young people age 6 months to 25 years old with or without a diagnosis, experiencing a variety of difficulties and symptoms. Children and young people do not require a referral to come to bibic for help.

We support developmental difficulties, learning disabilities, special educational needs (SEN) and genetic conditions. We help many children and young people with Autism, Brain injury, Cerebral palsy, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Global developmental delay (GDD), Dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, Sensory processing difficulties and many more.

Enabling independence, confidence and brighter futures

We empower desperate parents and carers with the support and strategies they need to improve not only their child’s life, but their family’s too. We help children and young people understand their condition better and live more independent lives; they become more confident and look forward to the future because of bibic’s therapy programme; several have gone to university and many are in employment citing bibic as playing a key part in their progress.

Who to contact

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