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Alarms, Adaptations and Equipment

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If you have a disability and are having difficulty managing everyday activities at home, the right equipment, or some adaptations to your home can help. 

You may be able to get some help from us, or you could contact other organisations yourself. You can buy, borrow or be given equipment depending on your circumstances.

You must live permanently in Sandwell to get help from us, but it doesn't matter if you own your home, or if you rent it.

How to apply

Contact us by email to or call us on 0121 569 2266.

If you prefer, you can make your own arrangements and:

  • search our Information Point directory of care and community organisations, which has a section on equipment to find equipment suppliers and organisations.
  • contact Community Alarms.
  • contact West Midlands Fire Service for advice about 'Safe and Well' visits which are targeted at vulnerable members of society including those with disabilities.

You can also talk to a health or social care professional, such as your doctor, or hospital staff.  If you need equipment for medical reasons, they may provide it.

What happens when you contact us?

We will talk to you about your situation and assess your needs to find out what would help. Depending on your circumstances, we may refer you to:

If we think you may qualify for more help with your care and support, we will arrange for a more detailed assessment of your care and support needs. This applies to over 18s and there is a different process to request an assessment for a disabled child or young person. 

Equipment and Adaptations Service

If we refer you to our Equipment and Adaptation Service, a member of our occupational therapy team will arrange to visit you and look around your home to see what might help. We may ask to speak with your carers and any professionals involved with you, so that we can get a better picture of what you need.


We can lend you equipment, free of charge, for as long as you need it.  The types of equipment we can offer will help you with

  • bathing
  • daily living
  • lifting
  • manual handling
  • showering
  • sleeping
  • toileting
  • walking

We can also lend you

  • Chairs
  • And equipment to help children


Adaptations are changes to your home, such as:

  • replacing a bath with a walk in shower or fitting an over-bath shower
  • widening doors or installing a ramp so that you can use a wheelchair
  • grab rails by your front door or in the bathroom.

We can arrange for minor adaptations - items costing under £1000 - to be supplied and installed free of charge.

You may be able to get a disabled facilities grant to pay for building work costing over £1000. You may be expected to pay towards the cost of the work, depending on your income and savings.

We will work with housing staff and other organisations to help you get the adaptations you need.

Sandwell’s Home Improvement Agency can also provide support to residents who find it difficult to get around their home.

If we can't help you, we will write to you to explain the reasons for our decision.

If you need to move

If you need to move to more suitable accommodation, we will refer you to housing or other social care staff for help and advice.

Contact us

If you need help from the Equipment and Adaptations Service, please contact us.