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Independent Travel Training

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What is independent travel training?

It is the process that teaches someone to learn how to travel a specific route on their own and in a safe and responsible way:

  • a unique learning programme specifically designed to meet each trainee's individual needs
  • one-to-one flexible bespoke training by a qualified travel trainer
  • support gradually phased out until the individual feels confident and competent enough to do the journey alone
  • the option to achieve an Entry Level 2 qualification, nationally accredited by Open Awards in Skills for Independent Travel (for FREE!)

At the council's discretion our SEN team may also provide a West Midlands Travel Pass upon completion of travel training when your current transport arrangements cease.

Watch our travel training video below:

Who is the training for?

Anyone who would like to improve their skills and confidence when making journeys in their local area and by using public transport!

We work with young people from the age of eleven, all the way up to adults in their eighties – there is something in a travel training programme for everyone, and you are never too young (or old!) to improve your independence skills, confidence, and abilities when making journeys using public transport.

Travel training can be particularly beneficial to support those about to complete their transition to secondary school or college.

How can independent travel training help you?

Independent travel training will help you with:

  • planning a journey (where you want to go and how you can get there)
  • planning what you need to take with you for your journey
  • personal and community safety
  • developing your individual coping strategies including ‘what if’ scenario’s
  • developing your confidence and independence
  • confidently and competently travelling using a bus, train or Metro tram.

What will you learn?

As an independent traveller you will:

  • find it easier to get to school, college, day opportunity or work
  • have more choice and be able to go to new places on your own
  • have more freedom and more independence
  • learn how to be safe on, and near, roads and in the community
  • find out more about the community where you live
  • be less reliant on family or carers.

Who delivers the training?

Specialist travel trainers experienced in working with individuals (and their families) who have a variety of physical and/or learning disabilities or difficulties, including Autism.
Our Travel Trainers all have a minimum Level 2 Award in Skills for Teaching Independent Travel Training accredited by Open Awards.

How much does it cost?

For school age referrals (who are Sandwell residents attending full-time education and in possession of an EHCP) Sandwell Council’s SEN Service determines who, based on the policy and application form, will receive Independent Travel Training.

If an individual is aged 16-25, a Sandwell resident and in possession of an EHCP they may be able to access training free of charge, providing they are making a meaningful journey (ie, to education, employment, training or volunteering).

Adult referrals (those 18 years and over) who access adult support services in Sandwell or are in receipt of council funded transport may qualify for the service to be funded on their behalf to learn a ‘meaningful’ journey (ie, to their day opportunity, education, training, employment or volunteering)

If the above qualifying criteria are met the training is free, but you will need to pay your bus, train or Metro tram fare if you are over compulsory school age. If you are registered disabled, you may be entitled to a free concessionary travel pass from Centro.

For those who don’t meet qualifying criteria or are out of borough, the service can be provided privately at a cost of £25 per hour.